Jingle Bells Package

Avg Price: $1,500 - $2,000

The magic begins with the Jingle Bells package as your Holiday Display begins from the roof down. A wide range of color options are available for roof lighting and can include Themes such as Candy Cane (Red & White), Christmas Classic (Red & Green), Ice Wonderland (Blue & White), Christmas Multi-Color (Red & Green & White). The Jingle Bells Package also comes with ground lights to bring even more attention to your holiday display by emphasizing a walkway or planting beds that give the display depth and a more grounded appearance.

Santa Claus Package

Avg Price: $3,000 - $4,000

The Santa Claus package includes the Jingle Bells Package plus window lighting. Your Holiday Display will stand out in the neighborhood thanks to window lighting giving it charm and character. Window lighting will be installed on the outside of your windows highlighting the shape and size of the window. Window lighting comes in a variety of colors, with warm white being the most popular.


Deck The Halls Package

Avg Price: $2,500 - $3,500

The Deck the Halls Package includes the Jingle Bells Package plus pre-decorated Designer Collection Greenery. With ground lighting, roof lighting, and an additional touch of Christmas greenery from the pre-decorated garland and wreath, our most popular decorating package offers a spectacular Holiday presentation of your home. Your pre-decorated Designer Collection Greenery comes in Champagne, Red & Gold, Red & Silver, Multicolored, and Blue & Silver options


Winter Wonderland Package

Avg Price: $5,000+

The Winter Wonderland Package includes the Jingle Bells Package plus the Santa Claus Package plus the Deck the Halls Package plus Tree & Shrub Lighting. The Winter Wonderland Package is truly one-of-a-kind highlighting your home and the landscaping around it. Your home will look like it belongs in a Christmas movie. This exceptional package provides an elite, all-inclusive, décor package

Custom Package

You can make your holiday season bright by choosing a Custom Holiday Package rather than one of our standard packages. Perhaps you’d like roof lighting and a favorite tree decorated. Or, you really want Wooden Soldiers standing guard added to your Holiday lighting package. Or, you just want your trees & shrubs illuminated with Holiday Lighting. Just let us know what components you want to be included in your package, and we'll provide you with pricing and a picture that reflects the bundle you want. Please know that we do have a

$1,500 minimum decorating charge

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